DONATE:  Fridays (10am-4pm)  |  Saturdays (10am-2pm) |  Sundays (12-4pm)  |  Mondays (10am-4pm)*

*We are closed one Monday a month, so please take note - this is after our Sale Weekend (the first Sat & Sun of each month).  

***Donations are not accepted Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday!  If you have special circumstances and need to donate on non-donation days, please contact us by phone to make arrangements!***

Republic of Thrift accepts gently used clothing, clothing accessories and household goods.  "Gently used" is defined below.  We do not take mattresses, cribs, baby walkers, furniture, items that are soiled or in otherwise unsellable condition, printers, televisions, other electronics, hazardous materials, toxics, firearms etc.  Our donation staff will be on hand to assist  you and have the discretion to refuse any item for any reason, for reasons of law or in the best interests of Republic of Thrift.

As of October 2015 we are no longer accepting furniture donations of any size due to space limitations inside our store.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  However, we may from time to time accept occasional pieces with prior arrangement.  If you have a special piece that you would specifically like Republic of Thrift to receive, please feel free to contact us to discuss. 

Gently Used?  What does that mean…

  • If it is broken, please discard your item(s) at home
  • If it is dirty, clean it or discard
  • "It works great, except this _____ doesn't work."  In other words, it is not fully functional.  Discard at home

We are working with a small staff and would appreciate your donations of items that can be resold to benefit our cause, the public schools of Sonoma.  If you haven't or can't fix it, no one else can or will!  Every time you knowingly slip an item like this in to your donations, know that it also costs the schools money.  Think about it!  

How to Donate

We accept donations at the store on the following days:

DONATE:  Fridays (10am-4pm), Saturdays (10am-4pm), Sundays (12-4pm) and Mondays (10am-4pm) only!

If you have special circumstances please contact us by phone to make arrangements for donations on non-donation days.

Please do not leave items outside while we are closed.  It is a violation of the law, subject to a hefty fine, it's messy and it's just plain wrong!  

Why Donate?

Every time you choose to donate your unwanted items instead of tossing them in the trash you are participating in the Reuse-Reduce-Recycle movement!  

Your donation positively impacts:

  • Public schools in Sonoma Valley (100% of net profits back to SVUSD schools via their PTO/parent organization!)
  • Individuals utilizing services through Salvation Army - where we donate our unsold merchandise
  • Our planet, through waste reduction and natural resource conservation

Tax Receipts

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, a tax receipt will be provided to you upon request.