Republic of Thrift
Benefiting Sonoma Valley Public Schools

Vision Statement

Committed to Making a Difference in Sonoma Valley public education.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the best prices and shopping experience, while benefiting school fundraising efforts through the sale of donated second-hand merchandise.

Core Values

Our core values are also visually represented in our colorful logo.  They are:

·   Thrift

·   Re-use / Reduce / Recycle

·   Community

·   Supporting Public Schools

Our Beginning

Republic of Thrift was solely the brainchild of sisters Jeannette Tomany and Michelle Mammini.  The idea was born while discussing the state of Sonoma Valley schools on the phone in May 2011. Excited about our idea, we immediately got to work on our business plan.  Cautiously we moved forward, looking for space to lease and setting up our business.  Republic of Thrift was started with our own personal funds, no other person or organization was involved…just two moms wanting to make a difference.  We were anxious to earn funds for schools as soon as possible, so we started our business as a "for profit" business, but with 100% of our net profits going back to the school PTOs/parent organizations.  Our intention was always to request, and hopefully obtain, full nonprofit status after we knew the business was successful.  

Our lease was signed in December 2011 and the hard work truly began.  Jeannette worked tirelessly painting, cleaning and organizing the store with friends and family.  Michelle relocated from the Central Valley, packing up her own family, including two small children, and moving to Sonoma Valley.  Without time to even unpack, she began working 7 days a week in preparation for the opening on February 4, 2012.  We opened to a great crowd and our business has continued to grow and improve since.  Both sisters worked 70+ hour work weeks the first six months, and Jeannette did not take a salary the entire first year and a half of business.  We were, and remain committed to, the cause of raising funds for our SV schools.  

In June 2013 we submitted paperwork to the IRS for our nonprofit status.  We received our approval in October, backdated to June 2013!  We are excited to show our commitment to this cause as an operating corporation operating under the 501c3 IRS guidelines for a nonprofit.   However, in our minds and business plan nothing has changed - we have been operating like a nonprofit since Day One and will continue to do so!  

At the store, we continue to focus on creating an exciting retail space with great prices and a focus on customer service.  Thank you to our friends, family and the community of Sonoma Valley who have all supported us and helped to make our store what it is today!

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