Republic of Thrift
Benefiting Sonoma Valley Public Schools

Republic of Thrift accepts gently used clothing, clothing accessories, household goods and furniture.  Please refer to "Accepted Donation Items" for a detailed list of acceptable and unacceptable donation items.

Gently Used?  What does that mean…
  • If it is broken, please discard your item(s) at home
  • If it is filthy, clean it or discard
  • "It works great, except this _____ doesn't work."  In other words, it is not fully functional.  Discard at home

We are working with a small staff and would appreciate your donations of items that can be resold to benefit our cause, the public schools of Sonoma.  If you haven't or can't fix it, no one else can or will!  Every time you knowingly slip an item like this in to your donations, know that it also costs the schools money.  Think about it!  Thanks!

How to Donate:

We accept donations at our retail store as follows:

Donation Hours: Friday 10a-4p, Saturday 10a-4p, Sunday 12-4p, Monday 10a-4p

***Donations are not accepted Tues-Thurs***
If you have a special circumstance please contact us by phone for approval of donations on non-donation days

Please do not leave items outside when we are closed!  It is a violation, subject to a hefty fine, it's messy and it is just plain wrong!  

Post-Garage Sale Pickup
We are currently unable to offer post-garage sale curbside pickupsApologies, we are operating on a small staff.  For the moment, post-garage sale pickups are not currently available.  Keep an eye open, as we will reinstate this soon once we have more staff or volunteers!

Why Donate?
Every time you choose to donate your unwanted items instead of tossing them in the trash you are participating in the Reuse-Reduce-Recycle movement!  

Your donation positively impacts:
  • Public schools in Sonoma Valley (100% of net profits back to SVUSD schools via their PTO/parent organization!)
  • Individuals utilizing services through Salvation Army - where we donate our unsold merchandise
  • Our planet, through waste reduction and natural resource conservation
Tax Receipts
We are unable to issue a tax receipt for your donations at this time. While we are operating similar to a nonprofit, we are not an nonprofit corporation in the eyes of the government.  As of January 2013, we are working with a tax attorney to fine tune our operations and will hopefully be offering tax receipts again in the near future.  We submitted our nonprofit status request to the IRS in June 2013. According to the IRS it takes 6-8 months to process. Thank you for your patience.

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